Fight large aerial battles where each player manages up to a squadron of some of the finest aircraft to fly during the final years of the Great War!

What do they say about "Watch Your Six!" ?

"Watch Your Six is a remarkable, extremely playable World War I air combat game. Using readily available commercial models of combat aircraft of that era, it presents an enjoyable visual representation of combat, while challenging the players with the problems faced by the aircrew when dealing with the imperfect technology of the day. Additionally, each player deals not only with the difficulties confronting each aircrew, but is also confronting the problems of a flight leader trying to manage his formation efficiently to accomplish an assigned mission." John Simanton

Cover Art: "Du Doch Nicht" by Steve Anderson ASAA

Steve Anderson is an Emmy Award winner with 20 years experience in design and production. In 1989 Steve received a Primetime Emmy Award in Special Visual Effects for ABC's mini-series, "War and Remembrance". As an Artist Fellow of the American Society of Aviation Artists (ASAA), Steve specializes in events surrounding the career of First World War ace Baron von Richthofen. His work also includes other eras of aviation and is well known for serious attention to detail and authenticity. Steve is able to do historically accurate paintings of any combat aircraft ever built. He can create finely detailed scale models of the planes as well. If you would like to know more about having Steve create a custom piece of aviation art for you or someone special in your life, please contact him at: